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Inherited Property?
Are You in Charge of a Probate or Trust with
California Real Estate?

Borrow Up to Half of Property Value

Keep the Property in the Family
Just For Now… or Forever
Trusted Since 1984

The CloseProbate Mortgage ™

Get a Loan Based On Equity, Not Credit or Income


We’ll tell you what documents we’ll need, then you can either upload or mail them to us.


We’ll review your documentation and the property to ensure that everything is in order.


Once everything is received, we’ll finalize the terms and timeline to close your loan.

Trusted by Attorneys & Professional Fiduciaries

Solving Challenges
in California Since 1984

Serving Executors and Administrators of Probate Estates, Trustees of Irrevocable Trusts, Conservators, Guardians, & Court-Appointed Receivers

Use the Equity in Property as Loan Collateral
Without Personal Liability

Why Good People Use  

In my opinion, Rick is the go-to expert and the real deal. If he can’t solve a probate problem, it probably can’t be solved. I highly recommend Rick to all those with probate questions or that need help with their estate and trust.

Mike Cantu

The bottom line is – he put money in my pocket I wouldn’t otherwise have seen! I’ve landed 3 probate deals in 90 days. Without Rick Harmon’s expertise, I would have never even known they existed! Thank you, Rick!

Tony Alvarez

Besides being a great friend and probate mentor for the past 12+ years, Rick has proven to be a fountain of knowledge on a myriad of probate conundrums that had me and my colleagues stumped.

Ward Hanigan

Meet California Inherited Property Expert

Rick Harmon

Serving You With Over 30 Years of Experience of Inherited Property, Tangled Trusts
and Estates in Chaos

CloseProbate: It’s in the Name & What We’ve Been Helping People Do Since 1984…

If you’re in charge of a probate estate or trust with California property you made a good decision to come here to borrow.

Whether referred by your attorney, a friend or relative, we want to make it as easy for you or your family to get the full benefits of your inherited home, whether borrowing to keep the property in the family just for now… or forever.

A great way to do this is with the CloseProbate™️Mortgage.

If your title is administrator, executor or even trustee, there are other people to consider, when you’re in charge.

You may be experiencing chaos, confusion and a bit overwhelmed. We’re going to help you get through this and provide some clarity along the way, too. We’re not Attorneys. We are a highly-specialized lender who understands you.

We’ve made this easy. To get started (just like the doctors office when you’re a new patient) we need to ask you a few questions.

You can complete the online questionnaire or introduce yourself by calling us at: (800) 779-2552 (24/7) and answering a few questions before seeing if we’re a good fit prior your Discovery Consultation

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