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We lend money to the people in charge of California probate estates and trusts

So you can keep the property just for now…or forever

  • Get money in (7) to (30) days
  • Based on equity, not credit or income
  • No personal liability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can borrow on a trust or estate property?
The people in charge of probate estates (Executors and Administrators), Trusts (Trustees and Successor Trustees), Conservators, Guardians and Court-Appointed Receivers.

We do NOT make loans to individuals.

What's required to qualify?
We make equity-based loans on California real estate, up to half of current appraised value, to the estate or trust as an “entity,” WITHOUT regard to credit of person(s)-in-charge.
How long does it take for Trust and Estate loans to close?
Loans may close in as little as 7-10 days or require longer if complicated by courts, attorney notices, liens or difficult people.
What’s the current interest rate?
The market for equity-based trust and estate loans is NOT the same as bank loans, and is very specialized. On average, expect a 4-6 % premium versus conventional bank loan rates.
What do loans cost?
As you can imagine, probate and trust situations can be simple or wildly complicated. We provide you the greatest value by our expertise, delivering service and multiple programs using the following to estimate loan costs. Here’s how we charge…


$4,000 – LOW TOUCH: one signer, no payoffs, clear title, no court

May be more for HIGH-TOUCH clients, multiple signers, foreclosure, court action required, etc.


1-3 points (% of total loan amount), depending on program*

Escrow, title and normal closing costs, average $2,000-2,500

*These are estimates.

**Preliminary estimates provided to prospective borrowers directly after The CloseProbate Discovery Consultation™️ and confirmation of powers.

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