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About Us

The Suburban Group makes mortgage loans to Fiduciaries and Court-Appointed Receivers on California real estate during probate, trust and Receivership administration.

The business was founded in 1984 by Rick Harmon, a private money mortgage investor with a mission to solve real estate problems by using the equity to create timely, valuable liquidity.

The company became widely credited with pioneering the use of mortgage financing of California probate and trust real estate to administrators, executors and successor trustees as well as property subject to conservatorship, guardianship as well as receivership administration.

Since 1990, the company has focused exclusively on serving attorneys, professional fiduciaries and other members of the California legal community. In 1991 the company incorporated as TSG Financial Corp. and continues to do business as “The Suburban Group.”

Inspired by relationships with top civic leaders, including law and code enforcement and key mortgage industry groups, the company now lends to court-appointed receivers by providing property preservation loans to combat blight from vacant “Health & Safety” nuisance houses.

Our ONLY business is financing and resolving matters concerning estate and receivership-related real estate.

We DO NOT work with consumers and generally require borrowers to be represented by legal counsel, a licensed professional fiduciary or court-appointed receiver.

We are not attorneys; we are a financial resource and part of the professional team. However, we are happy to make referrals to attorneys, receivers and professional fiduciaries from owners, heirs and beneficiaries in certain cases.

The Suburban Group is a mortgage banker and direct lender:

California Department of Real Estate License #01079820