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Probate or Trust Property in Risk of Foreclosure is for…

  1. Probate or trust real estate  with mortgage in foreclosure
  2. California property
  3. Reverse mortgage due
  4. Defaulted property taxes
  5. Dispute work outs & buy-outs

Probate Foreclosure Overview

  1. Timeline can actually be shorter than regular foreclosure
  2. Probate does not stop foreclosure
  3. Most foreclosures can be cured by paying back payments & fees
  4. Reverse mortgages cannot be cured and must be paid off in full
  5. Some foreclosures are due to ‘breach’ of other terms of loan

What solutions are available?

  1. Borrow
  2. Sell
  3. Modify
  4. Forbearance
  5. Hybrid plans
  6. Fresh start options


  1. Get an Equity loan
  2. Open probate or trust
  3. Borrower is the personal representative
  4. Need  enough time to process through court
  5. See Probate (Fiduciary) Loan Video for more details


  1. Need enough time to find buyer and close escrow
  2. Many buyers won’t perform as promised
  3. Better – cash buyer
  4. Beware of agents & doorknockers  making promises
  5. See Cash for your Probate Real Estate Video

Modify Loan – Steps

  1. Contact lender’s attorney or Foreclosure company
  2. Contact Loan servicer
  3. Lender’s Loss Mitigation Dept.
  4. Lender Asset Manager
  5. Ask for Note Payment or Principal Reduction


  1. Typically made with loan servicer
  2. Agreement to cure back payments
  3. No rigid rules

Expect double re-payments or more

Fresh Start Options

Designed to get you back on track without having to borrow more money.

  1. Not a loan, so you don’t have to pay it back; you may keep the money.
  2. Use money to cure defaulted loan(s), back taxes, insurance, etc. and up to $1,000 cash for personal use.
  3. All we ask in return is to be first in line to buy your house should it ever be sold at a later date for terms we set today.

Who can qualify?

  1. Administrators (Will or No Will)
  2. Executors
  3. Special Administrators
  4. Trustees & Co-Trustees
  5. Conservators & Guardians
  6. Private Fiduciaries & Public Administrators
  7. Owner of record title and surviving Joint Tenants

Getting Started…

To get started, click on the “Get started” tab, complete the online questionnaire so that we’ll know how best to help you and have your probate papers handy.  This will save you time, there’s no obligation and no personal info is required. Then we’ll schedule a free phone consultation with you, and work with you to give you a propose a plan that works for everyone.

Consider that…

  1. Foreclosures are already problematic
  2. Further complicated by death of borrower
  3. VERY few lenders really understand probate
  4. Attorneys and judges have limitations
  5. Don’t expect simple answers to complicated problems
  6. The longer you wait, the fewer choices you’ll have to select from (if any)

We’re committed to helping you to resolve your probate foreclosure, too!

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