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The Suburban group gladly accepts referrals for California matters only. Our business is based primarily on referrals from within the legal professional community and government agencies.

Most of the matters referred to us from the real estate brokerages, investors, banks and loan servicers are done so that we may assist the client (executor, administrator, trustee, other fiduciary, heir, beneficiary or surviving relative) and provide a liquidity, cash flow or title solution or legal referral.

We do NOT provide legal referrals for matters to third parties or cases for which we are not to be involved. 

If you are referring us business anticipating a courtesy broker cooperation, you must be a current California licensee in good standing.  We also accept new matters from investors and “finders” provided that there are no conflicts of interest or active disputes. As a matter of ethics and policy, we do not compensate attorneys who are licensed as brokers if they are associated with the case in any other way.

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