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Probate and Trust Property with Special Problems

  1. Involves California real estate
  2. Vacant & abandoned
  3. Missing owner or heirs
  4. Hoarding problems
  5. Title ownership & lien problems
  6. Unusual or uncommon situations – anything that doesn’t fit (our catch-all category)

What type of help is available?

  1. Resolve & clear title ownership
  2. We buy fractional shares of realty
  3. Search for missing persons
  4. We lend money to repair property
  5. We buy out heirs’ interests
  6. Attorney referrals to principals

Who is eligible for help?

  1. Principal party (heir or beneficiary)
  2. Probate executors, administrators & trustees
  3. Brokers & agents
  4. Finders
  5. Code enforcement officers
  6. Public & private fiduciaries
  7. Attorneys & legal professionals

How do you get started?

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  2. Submit Online Questionnaire
  3. Review facts & circumstances
  4. Phone consultation
  5. Discuss possible solutions
  6. Determine Action Plan

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