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Ten Reasons Why Our Probate Mortgages Will Improve Your Law Practice

Finally…an Alternative to Selling Probate Estate Property: Mortgages for Probate Estate and Trust Owned Property

  1. Reduces the time to close probate (be ready to close in about 30 days).
  2. Reduces the cost to your client (avoid the high cost of selling).
  3. Avoid forced sale situations and enable clients to keep real property.
  4. Pay creditor claims, taxes, existing mortgages and other debts without
  5. Improve client management; client has an appealing option which you control.
  6. Happier, satisfied client(s) will bring more referral business
  7. Obtain higher statutory fees because basis value is not reduced; you get
    paid more.
  8. Predictable results. You know what the outcome is since you and your client
    are not waiting for a buyer. Because of this, financing permits you to accepts
    cases you might otherwise avoid.
  9. Get paid sooner. When probate closes earlier, your fees are paid sooner.
  10. Receive more insight into each client’s true situation because of the fact-finding
    nature of lending. Loan applications, TRW’s, appraisal reports and interviews
    will reveal to you valuable information that would otherwise be impossible
    to get from your own clients.

Do you want to know more about how you can make probate mortgage financing
work to your advantage? Learn how to close probate in about 30 days by contacting
Rick Harmon.