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Choosing a Lender

Choosing a Qualified Probate Fiduciary Mortgage Lender If you’re the fiduciary (executor, administrator or trustee) of an estate or trust and have a financing plan in mind, you’re now about to decide on a mortgage lender. Making loans to probate estates...

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How to Borrow on a Trust

Here are the primary ways that you may borrow on trust property. Borrow as trustee or successor trustee on California real estate held in a trust. Trustee must have legal powers to sign for the loan. Get a cash advance on a trust for which you are a beneficiary. The...

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Trustee Loans

How trustees and professional fiduciaries can turn the untapped equity in trust owned realty into cash What financing options are available for Trustees and Professional Fiduciaries? Non-natural person borrowers, usually fiduciaries in these cases are by definition...

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Probate & Trust Loans

How to Obtain Financing for Executors, Administrators, Trustees, Conservators and Guardians By Rick Harmon, The Suburban Group - Mortgage Bankers An overview of increasingly popular methods for attorneys to use probate or trust owned property to finance estate debt,...

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