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Choosing a Lender

Choosing a Qualified Probate Fiduciary Mortgage Lender If you’re the fiduciary (executor, administrator or trustee) of an estate or trust and have a financing plan in mind, you’re now about to decide on a mortgage lender. Making loans to probate estates...

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How to Borrow on a Trust

Here are the primary ways that you may borrow on trust property. Borrow as trustee or successor trustee on California real estate held in a trust. Trustee must have legal powers to sign for the loan. Get a cash advance on a trust for which you are a beneficiary. The...

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Trustee Loans

How trustees and professional fiduciaries can turn the untapped equity in trust owned realty into cash What financing options are available for Trustees and Professional Fiduciaries? Non-natural person borrowers, usually fiduciaries in these cases are by definition...

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Probate & Trust Loans

How to Obtain Financing for Executors, Administrators, Trustees, Conservators and Guardians By Rick Harmon, The Suburban Group - Mortgage Bankers An overview of increasingly popular methods for attorneys to use probate or trust owned property to finance estate debt,...

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Questions about probate? Rick’s got answers!

Rick Harmon will be your guide to understanding your estate challenges. Mr. Harmon is known as the executor’s compass to making the best decisions for families and their property.

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In my opinion, Rick is the go-to expert and the real deal. If he can’t solve a probate problem, it probably can’t be solved.

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The bottom line is – he put money in my pocket I wouldn’t otherwise have seen! I've landed 3 probate deals in 90 days. Without Rick Harmon's expertise, I would have never even known they existed! -Thank you, Rick!

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Besides being a great friend and probate mentor for the past 12+ years, Rick has proven to be a fountain of knowledge on a myriad of probate conundrums that had me and my colleagues stumped.

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