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A Way to Sell Estate Realty that You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Have you ever been frustrated by the delays caused by working a well-meaning
but naive real estate agent who agonizes through the entire probate sales process?
If you answered yes, you’re certainly not the only legal professional to share
that experience.

This Really Irritated Me!

When I began to focus solely on probate related financing in 1991 it became
apparent that only a few real estate brokers truly had any clue about the intricacies
and peculiarities of selling estate property. I’ve heard countless horror stories
about bungled sales from the probate attorneys and paralegals who refer us loan
clients and, unfortunately, I’ve observed too many up close and personal. Until
now, I’ve bit my tongue (as a professional should). These messed up sales, lost
buyers, non-compliant listings and court-tangled overbids were too often avoidable
and should never have occurred if knowledgeable real estate professionals were
employed in the first place!

My dilemma was, of course, do I get into the real estate selling business(?)
or do I find some other way to help the legal professionals who support me so
strongly but (desperately) need a more reliable method of marketing probate
real estate.

Calm Down, Rick. There is a Better Solution!

Fortunately, my better senses won out (this time) and I am pleased to announce
that I’m not entering the property listing business.

What I have done is began assembling EstateNetsm,
a network of experienced, highly qualified real estate professionals through
California who specialize in selling probate estate owned property. You might
remember receiving my letter this past Spring asking for the best of the best
Realtors. Nearly one hundred such professionals have been assembled throughout
California who understand probates with limited powers of sale, trusts, conservatorships,
even realty auctions.

No, I Don’t Publish a List

I decided that, if I’m going to stick my neck out, I’d better look at each
request personally and refer you to the real estate professional(s) best suited
to your property type and community. Therefore, you’ll need to call me (or write,
fax or email) and help me to help
you by answering a few questions about the property, the seller’s circumstances
and what you and you’re estate client expect to occur.

Why Am I Doing This, You Ask?

Good question. I’m committed to assisting the legal community in every way
possible and this is an extension of that help; another opportunity to be of
service, if you prefer. And, if you must know, I want to solicit any potential
buyers to provide the mortgage financing (in case you didn’t think it was only
out of kindness).

Seriously, the EstateNetsm service is here for you.
Please feel free to use it (it’s a courtesy to legal professionals). Let me
know who sells probate real estate in your area who you have had excellent experience(s)
with recently. Maybe I can add them to the list!

Veteran mortgage banker and probate real estate specialist Rick Harmon
shares with you perhaps the easiest and safest method for selling probate estate,
conservatorship and trust property most anywhere in California.